1. Why do I need to pay to join the company?

This is often heard from people who don’t understand the potential of network marketing

You generally pay only a very small enrolment fee to join the company which covers the administration costs and in the case of the company

Is there a time limit in which I have to complete assignments?

Beginner , Advance . Expert Level’s and Professional members need to have assignments submitted
on specific dates according to the assignment instructions. All their positions do not have
submission deadlines

What is the Actual Work?

The actual work is Posting our Ad content in various classified web sites, Message boards, Web directories, forums etc. We will be providing you all the work details including Ad content and web site addresses to post the Ad content. You have to Copy our Ad content and paste it according to the instructions.

Ad Posting is a big business in the Internet. Many large companies want to promote their web site in the Internet. One of the best & easiest way to promote their web site is by posting their advertisement in the online Classified web sites.

They need people to do this posting job. We collect advertisement from those companies and we distribute the jobs to the Ad Posters (Our Members).

Is it Easy to Post the Ad Content?

Yes. These are very simple Copy & Paste jobs. All details about Ad posting jobs are given in the member login area.

How much I can Earn for each Ad Posting?

You can earn 10 to 15 cent for each ad you post. We have many Ad categories to post. Based on the category, the rate may increase.

Is this Work Available Worldwide?

Yes This work is available for worldwide. You just need basic internet browsing knowledge.

What is the Qualification to Do this Work?

No need Extra qualification. Just basic Internet Browsing knowledge is enough to do this job.

How much Time I need to Work in the Internet ?

There is no hard and fast rules regarding the work. It depends on the number of hours you work. You can work at your convenient timings. But it is good at least you work 2 hour daily to earn a decent income.

When will I get the Payment and what is the Mode of Payment?

You will be paid on or around 7th of every month for the previous month earnings. You will be paid only if your earnings is equal to or more than 50$. If it is less than 50$ for a particular month, then the amount will be added to the next month earnings. We pay you by Check. Our Bank Account

How much I can Earn per Month ?

Here is the simple Earning Estimate Chart for a month .

Can I work From Anywhere in the World?
Yes as long as you have access to a computer with Internet and email facilities you can
Easy 2 Earn.  

Do I need to purchase software or materials to be able to work with you?
No we supply you with everything you need to work at home successfully with your regular
assignments. Some special assignments may require you to have a specific software or
equipment. It is up to you to decide if you want to take these positions or not.  

How Often will I be issued assignments?
Your assignments are listed in your online typist center for you to complete at your own
pace. New assignments are added on the 1st of each month for Beginner , Advance
positions. All other positions have ongoing assignments that can be redone. If they are to
be changed you will be notified.  
How will you send my payment?
Payments are sent by check to your postal address or by Franchise Office

Can I Post On CGI Sites?
Our assignments change every month. Sometimes cgi postings will be allowed and
sometimes they will not be allowed. You will be notified in your instructions each month as
to if cgi sites are allowed or not. Professional Level can always use cgi sites. You can use any
type of sites, submitters and blasters to generate signup’s for commission payments.  

When do I Get Paid?
Payments are sent weekly to all members who reach payout ($50)

I have never worked from home will you provide instructions?
Yes we provide simple step by step instructions with images for each position. No prior
experience is required to be able to work with us.  

If I register in a position can I upgrade or join another program later?
Yes you can upgrade any Level’s position or register in any other position at a later date.

Do you offer members support if I am having trouble?
Yes our staff is available to help you in any way they can 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

Do You Offer Refunds?
We do not offer refunds due to the non-tangible conditions of our products. But once you
have tried the program you have purchased and it does not work for you after 2 weeks we
will give you access to another one of our programs on any of our sites for free and no
upgrade fee. Only programs not eligible to change to are Professional programs and
Franchises. You are only limited to 2 changes and no more